Wednesday, May 6, 2009

late night

it's been really late.
i want to go sleeping but i just cant.
oh it's just happened again.
i keep answering the questions
but the questions just keep coming back for more.
it got to stop and it had to stop.
i'm just tired.
i want to end this day.
i want to stop my head from thinking.
I want to make this thing gone.


.wEnZ. said...

hmm,,,finally dateng jg postingan baru...xD
kmaren jg sih kucut gag bisa tidur...
what question that awakened you??
ayo ngaku...ayo ngakuu...xP

crunchies said...

haha yah biasa wen.. lagi melankolis najis gitu.. ntr chat2 dong
miss you so mucchh deh! uda lama bgt ya gw ga post keterlaluan hehe