Wednesday, May 6, 2009

today is not that day

It was the day when It’s getting intense.
We were fence in a race where people are allowed to bumped at each other

in order to be the the best in order to get attention. to get notice.

They said you gotta hit hard. you gotta play hard .
They said you gotta fight for yourself.
They said you gotta leave your heart at home.

I listened. I did listen and I curse myself for that

late night

it's been really late.
i want to go sleeping but i just cant.
oh it's just happened again.
i keep answering the questions
but the questions just keep coming back for more.
it got to stop and it had to stop.
i'm just tired.
i want to end this day.
i want to stop my head from thinking.
I want to make this thing gone.