Sunday, September 19, 2010

tasting hongkong

so when i was crossing pass terminal 2 skyplaza - hongkong international airport

i found this art exhibition titled 'tasting hongkong'

10 hongkong local artist shall create an artwork
related to their own experience about hong kong food.

and as you can see the result is simply beautiful and mesmerizing

you can click here to know more

(and sorry for the low-res images, im taking this with my brother's camera phone :D)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a getaway



the famous venetian hotel



my brother next to one of his fave basketball star at madame tussaud

totoro and kiki.
i was dying to bought them , but it was too pricey :|



disneyland hongkong


view across the city

night fair at mongkok street


ocean park

a panda!

and a jellyfishh!


and catching up the last plane to jakarta.

back to work back to routines and back to reality, shall we?