Monday, April 19, 2010

lets go somewhere and do nothing

finally a vacation!

and for the 11211323131313312'th times i went to bandung (again)
i dont know.
somehow bandung never bored me :)

and here are some of the snapshot from the trip

cafe atmosphere

kopi ireng


goa pakar

my friends during the trip eric and ayu
(should do this more often!)

and also big thanks for my two new friends
hafil & lea
had an amazing time at goa pakar and curug omas :)

thanks.thanks.thanks to all of you

*actually i wish elsa could also join us..
too bad she wasnt around
next time ya sa! miss youuu*


i had so much fun. really wish my weekend can be extend hehe

and actually dont wanna go back to jakarta
because exam is on its way.

adv and newmed assignment are firstly to finished
ugh (mualaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss)

wish me luck

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