Thursday, March 11, 2010


hope |hōp|
1 a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
grounds for believing that something good may happen :

today somehow i feel mminspired.

me and some friends made our visit to gnota (gerakan nasional orang tua asuh)we were assigned to make a social campaign for themand its likea BIG project
kinda scary

so anywaystheir office is kinda comfieand all the wokers

how am i going to describe them
mm.. they're
shiny happy
good people

they have passion they love what they d0

they likehave a purpose to live

i envy themits likethey have something to hold on to
their hopes

so nowim determined to be more like them.. :)i want to be hopeful, spirited, believe in good things,optimistic.what do you think :D
(even i think this thought wont last long hehe. at least until this project is done)

hiphipsay hi to happiness.. haha


anwys still struggling finding what im going to make for this project......ugh depressing


tasiatannud said...

"shiny happy people" is so me!! say hello to me. HAHAHA

Andrew Ignatius said...

engga tas enggaa lo engga begituu