Sunday, February 14, 2010


this gifts


heytasia, you should go back hereee!!


fr. me and dita


fr. buff


oya she'll be going to queensland australia
got a scolarship (she's so damn smart!)

never thought that you will leave this sooonnn

will miss all the gossipy chat with you and dita
all those countless saturday night
going to concerts with you (heyhey we are a developing 'I' guys ahhaa)

all those horor movies

*dru dru ju-0n 4 uda keluarr kita harus nntn sabtu ini!*
*wat wat?!*
ugh.will miss that too!

and also
all those people we loved to talked about hahha
* so meeeaaaaaaaaaaannn *

im still extremly sad that
she's going to leave jakarta tomorrow
but after all its about you
im happy for you

and actually im really really proud of you

*now all those buffie want to get a scolarship just like you :D*
(yussi bilang dia mau ke beijing ahaha si norak)

so, you..
have a great life there
make the best of yourself

be happy

thanks for sticking around all this time
now its your time


go go go go
chase your dream make it come true
:D :D :D

online ym jangan lupaa!


tasiatannud said...

ahh nangissss

WENNIE said...

so sweet...
ati2 yaa,,tasiaaa...^^.