Tuesday, December 22, 2009

happy mother's day

hey mom.. happy mother's day

i hope you could be with us rite now but youre not
so im just hoping that youre okay

lately i know youve been through a very rough stage in your life
and i know i wont understand how hard you fight for yourself
and im really sorry that i cant help you much

im sorry that we hurt you
sometimes. somewhere through those process

but you have to know that
you will always be our mom
no matter what happened
we care about you
and we just want you to be happy

thank you mom,
to hold us when you need to be holded
to love us more than you love yourself
to listen for us when we knew you had a worst problem

no worries mom,
everything's going to be okay
and if its not
at least
i will be there for you
promise :)

much love,


JUICE said...

aww so sweeet..happy mother's day :)

tasiatannud said...